MOBE FTC Shutdown | The Impact to Online Business Owners

Over the weekend came news from the online business world that indicated that the FTC had closed the Mobe service. We wanted to follow up to share our ideas and how we were impacted by a similar closure a few months ago and the lessons learned.

There has not been an official statement published by the FTC; however, we anticipate that this will take place during the week of June 11. Stay tuned.

We would also like to preface that we do not film this video as an intention to attract people to our current commercial network. We are a couple of genuine entrepreneurs who want to help empower the people who are affected by this situation to make the best decision to move forward. During our situation, a few months ago, we were able to research and partner with a large company that had all the items we were looking for in our next company.

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Video credits to Adam & Ashleigh Reeker YouTube channel

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    MOBE FTC Shutdown | The Impact to Online Business Owners

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    1. I warned people about MOBE and DA 6 years ago. You need to have a real tangible product that people can buy and has value that's why MOBE got shut down. Its ok to have an online training platform as I have one but upsells to overpriced training programs is where the problems start. Many rookies have been caught out and sadly this is not the first time. 🙁

    2. Isn't it smarter to start your own business and put all your efforts there instead of helping to grow other people's businesses?

    3. Ashleigh, You are not a MOBE Affiliate, why make a video? that's a vulture move. you are preying on people who are lost, confused and looking for another community. I dont think you care at all.

    4. That company, Digital Altitude, was also sued by MOBE who won the lawsuit for violating copyright laws.

    5. thanks 4 ur vdo. i bought silver/gold membership just 2 months ago. i couldn't get any chance to make money. could u plz help me to get my money back. if u email me ( [email protected] ) & give the information to get refund. i will be very grateful to you. God bless u.

    6. Thanks for this video. My ill mother was swindled into purchasing a plan (over $20K) with MOBE. I attended the first "Home Summit" meeting in which this took place, and I could smell BS immediately. I did stay the whole day, and was only further convinced of my suspicions. Unfortunately, there's only so much I could do to explain to my mom why none of this was legitimate. Days later she ended up spending the (borrowed) money on this plan. MOBE and Matt Lloyd disgust me. That's the only way I can put it. I will fight this until MOBE and Matt are done.

    7. One thing I don’t understand is why didn’t Matt Llyod ensure that MOBE was US (SEC, FTC etc..) compliant? Why didn’t he get an lawyer, attorney or advisor to PREVENT this from happening?

    8. Thanks Ashleigh, virtual hug to all the mobe affiliates out there, I was a gold affiliate , just getting started, its onto the next big thing now, I much rather hear positive words about the situation than read what the haters have to say. I learned a lot through the training and the coaches and my marketing skills now have made it easier to move forward with a new business, good luck everyone.

    9. Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve only been an affiliate partner with MOBE since March. I have insvested a lot of time and money. But with the bit of education I have recieved and the conections that I have made, I think I will be able to find something else. I agree, that we shouldn’t let this setback prevent us from operating our own businesses. Hopefully this is a lesson learned for all of us.

    10. Is anyone really surprised that the FTC shut down the MOBE scam? If I you were a MOBE affiliate, I would start preparing for the lawsuits coming against all the MOBE affiliates who pushed this scam. Don't think so? Look up the Bitconnect scam and what is happening to their affiliates. 😉 Good luck. (not really, I hope you get exactly what's coming)

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