NHL 18 Minnesota Wild Franchise Mode # 8 "Franchise modification decision"

NHL 18 xbox one franchise game mode. There is a MASSIVE opportunity against Minnesota Wild here in free agency. Young superstar Zach Werenski is a tendered RFA whose rights are being purchased by a Columbus team that simply can not afford it. GM Cyn and the Wild has a lot of cash on hand. The question is, do you have the courage to acquire Werenski's rights? Even if they do, is it the best move for the franchise?

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Video credits to CynFtWProductions YouTube channel

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    NHL 18 Minnesota Wild Franchise Mode # 8 "Franchise modification decision"

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    1. You don’t need to give players so much extra money to sign with you, especially when no other team is interested in that player (example: Couture).

    2. I suppose you are right about the value being easy to attain, but I still think there are times when it may be acceptable. I was basing that idea on the progress of the series, and the overall entertainment value taking a bit of a hit from that last draft. You are a joy to watch!

    3. Find the prospects who take the most shots! They can turn into very productive players even if their ratings aren’t the strongest! It’s basically like a hidden statistic, please like so Cyn reads this given the need for strong forwards, especially to pair with Ek.

    4. (u could also have gotten ur third signed him in FA, then traded granlund for ur first back so it would be granlund a second and third/ still could trade coyle for picks to re stock it)

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