Primerica Scam – Primerica Review Exposes Truth About The Business Opportunity

Primerica Fraud – Is it Primerica A Scam? Primerica Review # 1 Problem with the business opportunity exposed.

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You have probably entered this page because you are already in Primerica or you are reviewing Videos Primerica Scam to see if it is a legitimate business opportunity. You may be wondering what is Primerica, or did you hear something about a Primerica scam, or are you looking for Primerica Reviews and in general looking for more information about What is Primerica. Well, to answer the question of What is Primerica … is an excellent way to earn money from home. What is Primerica is a big question, but what is the problem # 1 with Primerica and why there are rumors of Primerica Scam is another great question to be answered. When looking at the Primerica reviews, keep in mind that there is a main problem that we will discuss in this video.

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Primerica was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Georgia, United States. Being in operation for almost 37 years, it has proven to be, and continues to maintain its status as, a highly prestigious corporation.

The main focus of the company is the distribution of term life insurance, and other products include: credit supervision, debt management plans, home insurance, car insurance, long-term care insurance, prepaid legal services, managed accounts, segregated funds, mutual funds and annuities.

To put his ideals into practice, Primerica uses the commercial model of multilevel marketing. Through direct sales, distributors approach customers by offering their products and encouraging them to become distributors as well.

There have been positive comments from Primerica from distributors and customers alike. For the distributors, the company has given them the perfect business opportunity: the opportunity to know better the investments for the future and also to make other people well informed. In addition, it has given, and is giving, to its distributors adequate training on financial self-sufficiency and independence. For clients, the reviews say that Primerica has changed their lives. Insurance and investment for the future are necessary in times of need. Without insurance, unpleasant and unexpected life events could become more disastrous and destructive. Primerica has taught its clients the core values ​​of investment and preparation for the future that is coming, and these values ​​are not only exclusive for companies, but also for other life decisions.

Despite these positive reviews, there are still rumors of a Primerica scam. However, just looking at the company's history in addition to the recognition given by reputable companies, rumors of fraud can be abolished. These scam rumors usually arise from bad customer experiences with the company and personal failures. However, it is important to keep in mind that Primerica can only do so much. It will provide an individual with opportunities and means, but it depends on the person how they will maximize these opportunities.

Much has been said, and it can be concluded that a Primerica scam does not exist. How can a highly regarded company be a scam if it has a large amount of stored benefits for its members? One not only has an advantage when it comes to preparing and investing for future ventures, but members also have the opportunity to earn money in a noble way, helping other people prepare for their respective futures as well.

Here is a look inside the Primerica Reviews video – Primerica rumors are exposed:

0:50 – Are Primerica rumors true? We answer the question: is Primerica a legitimate business?
1:30 – We cover the main problem with the construction of a Primerica business
1:45 – Who are you looking for help to build your Primerica business?
2:05 – What other Primerica reviews stop reading and which ones will not show you your upline?
3:30 – What's next after this does not work in your Primerica business?
4:00 – What to do when there is no one left in your warm market for Primerica
4:32 – This is how you should be building your Primerica business
4:45 – A free presentation presentation How to build your Primerica business
5:40 – How to generate infinite leads for your Primerica business

This concludes our Primerica Reviews & Primerica Scam that reveals the truth about Primerica's business opportunity!

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    Primerica Scam – Primerica Review Exposes Truth About The Business Opportunity

    Comments 26

    1. If this great business opp. is as great as u Primerica reps. say it is; why do u have to chase all of ur friends and family until they shut u down??! I thought anything great sells itself

    2. I am an agent with PRI and have been for 11 months. Honestly if you have a decent market you will be great. If you had no credibility with the natural market Primerica will give you great leadership classes but no help with marketing yourself outside your warm market.

    3. People prefer to work in their slavery jobs no matter what, that's a longer government, society and pointless brainwash!!!!

    4. Okay Soo my only question is how much do they charge you for licenses, background check, books etc at your primerica office

    5. A service and or product that needs the sales force to recruit and sale does not have a good product to sale… Legit or not PRIMERICA does not offer a good product or service nor does it have a sales force which does not recruit. In fact the main business is recruiting…. This is only for a few people and I would question the scruples of such people. Avoid them. PS: This guy is full of shit

    6. They're failing because they don't have the skills to recruit people or sell "product".

    7. You are a douchebag who has been brainwashed. Primerica is as much of a cult at Scientology.

    8. report these video already why the fuck its still up ffs… stupid faggot world of sheep shit dead brain fucker

    9. Hey everybody. Tired of working for someone!? Join primerica! You you will have to bug basically everybody you come in contact with to recruit them to recruit others so they can all buy our amazing product! And you can make a lot of money!

      No thanks.

    10. But why does Primerica want you to pay money per month of membership?? Should accompany just pay you instead of taking your money. Primerica it's a scam

    11. I've been with primerica for six month now and i love it. The reason why i have new recruits write their list is so I can help them with their trainning. They have to learn how to complete a life insurance application, how to do a presentation, and so on. To be honest this business is not easy and you have to go through a lot of rejections so you have to be mentally strong but its worth it to me.

    12. You don't steal off anyone or families in Primerica. After 9/11 we were the only company that delivered to families that lost loved ones in the tragedy. Other companies didn't "cover terrorist attacks". I bet none of you have ever gotten licensed or been involved in the company. We are the #1 financial service company in the world, we replace cash value policies all the time, we have the most 100,000 dollar earners, we're an A rated company in the better business bureau, We are on the New York Stock Exchange etc etc. It's a great company and it grows and grows. This guy is a liar.

    13. I really just wanna learn about this without being sold. I understand the model doesn't work due to market saturation and competition with your same up line and down line. I really wish there was a neutral Primerica video out there. I really wanna learn about it and how it works because so far it looks like a regular MLM, NFL(no friend list aka you have to expose your friends and harass everyone you know ) and network marketing. the product doesn't really work and a regular financial institution is better.

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