Programming MotoTRBO DMR Radios – The Basics

Here I show you how to program a basic DP3400 radio to work on its frequencies. I also show you how to create unique group IDs, etc.

Video credits to nokiaman2002 YouTube channel

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    Programming MotoTRBO DMR Radios – The Basics

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    1. Need help got Two MTP850 radio's, wanna program them for Direct mode, purchased a usb programming cable but can't connect to the radio's, it show's them being connected to the computer but seem's, like they need the driver any advice ???

    2. Hi Nokia man , can you help me by telling me what cps I need to program a sl1600 uhf ? And maybe a link to a southeast ham codeplug ?

      Cheers keep up the good work fella

    3. I'm now using Motorola XiR P3688, which is a MOTOTRBO, Analog & Digital radio. I set 12 analog channels and I don't have problems with them because analog channels are very easy to configure. However, when I add a digital channel, I am not sure how to configure the items like "MDC", "Group ID", "Group List" etc. These unfamiliar terms in digital mode drive me crazy. I end up having an invalid digital channel and receive a continuous "do-do" tone when I select that digital channel. (Undoubtedly I cannot transmit and receive in that digital channel). I know this MOTOTRBO CPS has a lot of features available for digital mode but I feel hard to properly configure a valid digital channel. Could you please help or please tape a tutorial video on this issue? Thanks.

    4. I am programming a DMR hytera, but I can't seem to have DMR channels and Analog channels in the same SCAN list. Can you please me with this please?

    5. Where can i download that software? help me I have a DP3441 and i have to programm it Thankssssssss

    6. Hi please help for programming motorola dp3601. I need program soft and idea for diyng cable. Sorry for my bad english, thank you

    7. Hi. The samples for my model are only for vhf radio but my radio is uhf. So it doesn't let me use the sample to modify it later. What u can advise? Thanks

    8. where can i download this software? i have a xpr 7550, and is there any way to get them to key up with a motarola mts2000?

    9. Hi… How can I factory reset a SL4000 with CPS software? Basically I have 3 radios. 2 of them were mine and one I bought from eBay, and the one from eBay is using different channel.. I want to make it work with the other two… What will be the easiest way of doing that?

    10. HI. Where can I get the software to prg DP1400 and if any cables needed, what is it the name of cable?

    11. Hi, thank you for post this. Do you help, where to download the .ctb (sample) files for DP3400 and 3600 ?
      Thank you.

    12. Will Xir P8668 in the DMR mode, do not have to go through the relay station is available for use + – difference frequency?

    13. You rock.. we just purchased a couple xpr7550's (one is 7550e), and this video was perfect for getting us programming them in digital (and enhanced security) Thank you!

    14. Hi Gareth
      I haveproblem on programming DP4800 , I can not used the key to compossed three figure as 432 , they are invalid afficer on screen. commment evening program for key

    15. Thanks for this video. I've had a MotoTrbo handheld for a couple years, but recently got ahold of a copy of CPS and a programming cable. Your video really helped me get familiar with CPS. I was up and running in 10 minutes. Cheers and 73 from Los Angeles.

    16. can you show how to program different call groups and private calls on a single digital channnel

    17. Hi, i want to program 2 radios. I want with first radio to make private call with the second. My question is how to make that the second radio will ring until i push PTT button and answer?

    18. Can someone tell me what simplex frequency (or frequencies) DMR uses on 2M and 70cm?  Do I need to worry about colour codes when programming simplex frequencies?

    19. Hi, thanks for the video, looking forward to doing this when my radio comes through the post. What's the best place to get the Customer Programming Software? Can't find it anywhere 🙁

    20. Hi Gareth I have a dp3400 programmed with 3 digital channels it used to work fine on a system with other radios but for some reasen stopped transmitting and receiving. I have looked at a codeplug from a working radio and one from the radio that is not working but cant see any reason why it wont work. Would u have any ideas? or if I could send u the codeplugs would u be able to take a look at them maybe?

    21. Hi, how can i put the ATIS tone on my DP3400? i just got the "preamble" tone, help me please!

    22. Sorry I forgot to ask, where can I download the programming software from?
      Many thanks Great vid!

    23. Hi can you listen in without their caller ID if you just want to monitor certain frequencies?

    24. Hi again . Can you show us how to program the sl 400 motorola motor turbo. It would be a great help. I think digital is the best. Keep up the good work gareth..Geff. all the best.

    25. Hi again . Can you show us how to program the sl 400 motorola motor turbo. It would be a great help. I think digital is the best. Keep up the good work gareth..Geff. all the best.

    26. Hi,  
      Please would you tell me Where are the COMM settings for the rear accessory connector  (USB+/-) on the DM3601 radio? or what's the default settings if there is Any. thanks in advance

    27. The radio is 32 channels spread across 2 zones of 16, zone toggle is programmed to a button

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