Q&A What is your ideal eBay business in 2018? (Mine is 500 sales@$20 profit each per week)

This is going to be a great conversation. Discuss below what your ideal eBay business will look like in 2018.

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    Q&A What is your ideal eBay business in 2018? (Mine is 500 sales@$20 profit each per week)

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    1. My ideal ebay business in 2018 is: no ebay business! After 18 years on ebay there are so many platforms to sell on, much cheaper, faster sales, more views, less red tape so 2018 will be ebay free. I do have 2 ebay accounts that are 17 and 18 years old, all positive feedbacks, no selling limits – for sale if anyone is interested in buying them.

    2. This is one of my favorite videos you have made so far. Amazing and straight forward. Congrats on your YouTube Success, you are so gracious to share all of this. Merry XMas.

    3. Wondering if one day you can possibly do a video on hiring and sourcing workers, payroll for virtual assistants, photographers, etc. and some suggestions on how to maximize the help and balance numbers in payroll…just noticed someone below me basically asked the same thing, haha. It’s a sign… 🙂 would be really helpful because it’s really tough to balance time with work, parenting and I think having the help would propel my ability to do more sourcing.

    4. I love evaluating metrics and trends and you said something that interested me:
      7,500 shirts maintained would generate $100k in profit/year. I believe that.

      So what if you had ZERO product knowledge and paid NO attention to the tag/brand,….just buying 7,500 shirts that you randomly think look good. What would the results be?

      Not $100k, but I believe you could STILL instantly generate a good income. So, imagine a rookie seller buying 7,500 random shirts in a VERY SHORT period of time and replacing their job because…. everything eventually sells right?

    5. Chris, let me ask you this.. you say $300/day but what about returns? Even with measuring tape I do get several returns here and there. Therefore need to have some cushion for that $300 need to make maybe $425 a day?

    6. I am SOOOOOO GLAD I found your Channel! I've been immersing myself in YouTube internet marketers for the past three months in order to educate myself on the world of Internet / Affiliate marketing and online selling, to be able to hit the ground running in 2018 with an online business; and I must say out of the countless so-called internet "gurus" you are one of the most informative by far. Thanks for doing an EXCELLENT job educating your subscribers on all the Ins and Outs of selling on Ebay

    7. I got really motivated to step up game listening to your show today. I've been averaging sales of about $7K/month working 2-3 hours per day after my full time job. Just a few the ideas I heard on your show give me a path to at least double that in 2018.. Thanks!

    8. Any advice for ppl who live in small towns? We have 3 thrift stores in town. Would have to drive hours and to 6 or 7 towns to get to 15 thrift stores. Garage sales are good in summer but winter in pa they stop.

    9. Can you do a video about how a virtual assistant works, how to hire and cost please. As always thanks for all you do for everyone, you really are amazing

    10. I plan on selling 100,000 unicorn farts for ten bucks a bag. J/K. I plan on 5k items at $25. To $75. Profit and replenish 2 for every one sold… Thats more than i want to inventory .

    11. Currently have mostly used items that are a OLDER style of Electronics and cloths. My sell rate is slow but my margin is fantastic. My goal is 5 items sold per day. I have 320 listings and would like a 500 items at the end of Dec. 2018

    12. I bought and held onto suits forever because I was frozen in learning how to measure. But I learned and it wasn't that hard.

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