Renatus Real Estate Investing and Business Opportunity Presentation

Learn working strategies of real estate investors and practitioners on how to create wealth through real estate investment. Also, GANE while you learn and how you can generate massive income through Renatus Business Opportunity. Learn more

Video credits to wdurrant69 YouTube channel

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    Renatus Real Estate Investing and Business Opportunity Presentation

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    1. Amazing community and ground breaking financial education not only in Real Estate but also Business Startup, Tax & Legal Strategy, Debt Management, and so much more. This is well worth considering and I am satisfied in the local leaders out of North Carolina. If you are in the NC area be sure to connect with Team Ignite!

    2. There is no better Real Estate and Entrepreneurial College in the country. Learn all the strategies necessary to be successful in Real Estate investing and earn while you learn!
      We are based out of Jacksonville, Fl call for more info. 386-385-4535

    3. For those interested needing updated webinars & information, search for REISuccess and watch the updated webinars at any time. You may also call us directly at 877-265-1856.

    4. We have an investment group in Ventura County, California. Call 805-509-8820 for further information. Tracy Join Now.

    5. Renatus is setting up real estate communities all across America. Invest all across America with people of the same trained mindset. Partner with other community members for cash and credit to make deals happen. Live in one area and invest with confidence all across America with Renatus. Share Renatus with family and friends so they too can benifit from investing right from their own homes no matter where they live. All they need is internet access. Call Don Anderson 530-318-0016 to learn more.

    6. Thank you for sharing this video. The information, generally, is accurate, but many of the details have been updated. The Foundations Course is now called Essentials Course. There are now 9 classes in the Essentials Course. The cost for Essentials is now $1997. There are multiple other changes because Renatus is always updating and adding classes to help you succeed. It is a great community of people to be involved with. Call Kenneth 608-616-9705 for more info or testimonial.

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