Rockstar Giving SECRET Hints/Clues On The Kingpin Business Empire GTA Online DLC! (GTA 5 Update)

Rockstar gives SECRET tracks / tracks on Kingpin Business Empire GTA Online DLC! (Update of GTA 5)
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In the last two posts of GTA 5 Newswire and GTA Online DLC, Rockstar has been giving hints / clues that point to a major business update coming soon!

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I hope you enjoyed this video! See you next time! ✌🏻

Video credits to MrBossFTW YouTube channel

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    Rockstar Giving SECRET Hints/Clues On The Kingpin Business Empire GTA Online DLC! (GTA 5 Update)

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    1. If I owned Rockstar, I would add an update at least like every month or two to GTA 5 Online to keep it fresh and popular.

    2. If this is the DLC that’s coming next I can almost guaranteed that it will be like a Scarface theme cause if it’s a Drug Cartel than it would be based around luxury and selling drugs we could expect for clothing to be like the open button shirt suits and the Polo shirts and if mansions come we could see a red interior to give that Scarface feel or something luxurious you can also throw in Nightclubs cause I’m Scarface the Babylon club was a nightclub that Tony went too idk I’m still kinda not 100% believing this is the next update cause it just seems to good to be true

    3. I'd love to see both a mansion and an aircraft carrier, plus a yacht being able to be owned online

    4. Hey @mrbossftw this is just a thought but for the next update if its the last one @Rockstar might put all the online content into offline

    5. Anyone got the modded account for ps4? Only money if could,hit me up on instagram _leon_13.v,will pay for it

    6. Hey mr boss, I’ve been getting special discounts that rockstar tells me only a few people have them. They are like 30% off akula and the new tank etc

    7. Nice vidéo boss! What would be even more better if you don't keep bringing up the same information that you provide us in previous videos. Also hopefully we get import and export vehicles sell for 200000. Also I ain't a toxic guy, for those that come to his videos constantly hating him.

    8. Could someone explain me why people say "you're channel is dying" and stuff like that?

    9. Rockstar has stated that they will not stop doing updates, that they'd only stop to launch rdr2, but would release small updates after it's all said and done

    10. Oh so it’s The Kingpin Empire DLC huh? Seriously dude none of this is probably even real u just take any opportunity to make a 10min video no matter what the topic is, how do u even know the name of R* haven’t even mentioned it?

    11. Love your content, don’t listen to the haters. I’m only level 67 atm but your videos have helped me no end. Would be cool to take part in one of your car shows one day. Keep up the good work 👌.

    12. I think office upgrade. But maybe new property like mansions. That would fit business empire theme.

    13. How did you get the money off the floor cause I have a lot of money so how do you hide it

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