Royaltie Gem – Proximity Marketing – Mobile Advertising Business – Excellent Pay – Fun and Easy!

Start your own mobile advertising business from Proximity Marketing with Royaltie Gem. Have fun promoting the hottest product there … visit

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Why Royaltie?

Proximity Marketing is a superior business opportunity and Royaltie has a very lucrative affiliate program that allows you to earn FREE gems and get free mobile advertising for YOUR business! To visit
Did you know that Proximity Marketing through Bluetooth Advertising Beacons is the "most important advance" in mobile advertising?

Starting your own successful Proximity Marketing Business has never been so easy! This is a global opportunity and it is the perfect time to earn money online or at home.

For more information about proximity marketing and how to advertise your business or offer to nearby cell phones with Bluetooth advertising beacons, visit

About me..
I am a veteran school teacher and Proximity Marketing Pro and over the years I learned that in "ANY" company … There is nothing better than facing a "tsunami" of customers who want what YOU have to offer. !

Proximity Marketing and Bluetooth Advertising Beacons are fresh, new and exciting … Your time is "perfect" … Those who take advantage of this incredible "Breakthrough" technology NOW … they will be glad they did!

My favorite Bluetooth advertising beacon is the jewel of Royaltie … Here's why …

1. The Royaltie Gem compensation plan is very lucrative. As an affiliate of Royaltie Gem, you can also win FREE Royaltie gems when you recommend others to the Royaltie Gem platform.

2. You can activate or deactivate Royaltie Gems if you wish.

3. Once you are a customer yourself … It is FREE to become a Royaltie Gem Affiliate and start earning!

4. Get cash bonuses, monthly residual income and gems FREE!

5. Get your own secure website and FREE referral links!

6. They ship their orders through FedEx FOR YOU! … Yes internationally!

7. Global opportunity for everyone!

8. You can change your Messages … Offers … and Links as much as you want!

9. You are actually HELPING REAL PEOPLE and Entrepreneurs to STAY in business! … THAT'S HUGE!

10. They are FRESH … and ALL WANT!

The Royaltie Gem allows anyone to start a profitable online business in their home! … Now average people can earn money online, offline or at home with Royaltie Gem Bluetooth Marketing – Advertising Beacons. Starting your own proximity marketing business has never been so easy!

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To visit

Here are some examples of who could benefit from the use of Royaltie Gems to advertise on nearby cell phones.
Business Owners, (of ANY kind), Real Estate Agents, Lounges, Sellers, Trained Professionals, Sellers, Marketers, Restaurants, Waiters and Waitresses, Churches, Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations, Boutiques, Taxi Drivers, Delivery Drivers , Affiliates, Network Promoters, Advertisers, Advertising Agencies, Marketing Agencies, Digital Marketing Agencies, Managers, Homeowners, Pet Owners and more.

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    Royaltie Gem – Proximity Marketing – Mobile Advertising Business – Excellent Pay – Fun and Easy!

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