Shameful CBC Hypes ‘Business Opportunity’ After Fascist Win In Brazil

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    Shameful CBC Hypes ‘Business Opportunity’ After Fascist Win In Brazil

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    1. So interesting to see the left continuing to isolate themselves is this dark cloud of self proclaimed righteousness and total and complete delusion.

      I’ll sum this video up.
      •People who disagree with him are fascists and evil.
      •Anything written anywhere, that disagrees with his clueless political opinions should be silenced and destroyed (That’s not fascist though because he’s saying it)
      •Telling both sides of a political perspective in an article is the same as siding with Hitler and his Jew bloodlust. (Not hyperbolic at all because he thinks it and his Twitter mob agrees)

      He’s doesn’t even see how fringe he’s drifting. The more the left loses, the more they double down on their delusional purity tests of self proclaimed righteousness. They can’t even see that it’s this type of elitist, pompous, sung. self aggrandizing that’s causing them to lose it the first place.

      Keep it up David. You’re the reason the left is bleeding out GLOBALLY!

    2. The Rational National doesn't get enough play imo.
      Millions more people need to watch his videos.
      I'm going to do my part by trying to hype him up on other platforms.

    3. Bolsonaro is a bad dude yes. Brazil is now a good investment opportunity yes. I don’t see how this is controversial. The guy is simply looking at the situation in Brazil from an economic / Canadian business prospective.

    4. Thumbs down!!
      1) CBC is under attack by the Conservatives who see it as a left wing socialist media which is biased against the Conservatives.They want to destroy the CBC…they use the CBC to get conservatives to send the party money. The CBC MUST tell both sides of the story, in an unbiased manner or be killed by the next Conservative government elected in Canada.
      2) I read the article and it is informative, it is telling different aspects of the new Brazilian government and how it will related to different issues and including how it will effect Canada. It is just telling the facts in a quick overview article. THAT is the type of journalism I want. Other articles can go in depth on the issues as needed and CBC also had another article that talks about Brazil's new government.

      You want the CBC to be leftist bias and to just tell one side of the story, to be a leftist machine for attacking the right. I say that is bad, as bad as a right leaning media which only tell a story from the right point of view, and attacks the left. If you want CBC to tell this story as a left leaning media then you are as bad as the Fox news fans. The story gave enough details that covered the issues, that if one of them concerned you more, you could research it more.

      I am very much a small C liberal/socialist but this attack on this article is just plain wrong and I just lost a great deal of respect for David due to this video.

    5. you should have seen how the CBC leaned into the Alberta NDP after they raised minimum wage to 15.00 dollars an hour. there are a lot of examples of this from the NEO- liberal CBC, but I still prefer the CBC over private media. That would be more compromised than the CBC

    6. This might be the same feeling I'm having felt by others abroad when my country elected D. Trump. Shock and Complete DISBELIEF.

    7. This is the same argument people made for Pinochet. "Yea he is a fascist, but he's gonna spread the way for the free market, so it's ok for him to kill political adversaries". Let us all remember this is NOT how any country that calls themselves free is to operate.

    8. Shameful…a Neofascist. I feel sorry for the innocent people that will suffer under this fascist demagogue. People lost their mind in Brazil.

    9. No surprise. Yesterday Wendy Mesley on the CBC said that Saudi Arabia was a vital ally for Canada and a partner against Iraqi aggression. Wouldn't be surprised if they've disabled comments on that one. It didn't go over too well.

    10. The CBC has some great people working for it, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater on that. But, yeah, I read this article and your analysis is correct. The writer has a huge capitalist / investment bias when discussing Brazil.

    11. I saw this tweet right after they posted it and knew it would blow up. Just a reminder, CBC is funded by the Canadian TAXPAYERS.

    12. Keep in mind, Bolsonaro's top economist is a Miltion Freidman-type right-winger and got his economics from the University of Chicago. Pinochet flashbacks anyone?

    13. There were other articles on the CBC saying how Bolsonaro can be trouble for Canada . So this one article doesn't represent the views of the cbc

    14. Excellent video David. It's not just the journalist who is flawed, but the editors, and the people who hired these twits. The CBC has either has been infiltrated or it's just stupid.

    15. as a canadian i feel shamed by this article. thank you for reviewing this dirty laundry in our media. cbc is way better than most, but we gotta keep our standards up high and call bullshit. cbc do better

    16. That’s mean that 55 % Brazilians are fascist and we love to do business with them. They are ok if we exploit their national resources if they make enough money.

    17. He sounds horrible but who are the lunatics that voted for him? WTActualF is wrong with people!?!?!

    18. Thank you SO much for talking about this. Seriously from the bottom of my heart. It's been driving me up the wall all day!

    19. I am in international trade. Business is going to be booming. Venezuela will be bombed very soon. The TPP will pass and Corporations will have more rights than humans. We are all sheep.

    20. Appreciating that you try to find the good in everyone, defending @chrisaesenaul 's extreme bias as a result of bad training, ie, portraying the "middle view," is just bad math. The "middle view" is not halfway between what a reasonable person believes, and off-the-charts-authoritarianism of the morally bankrupt.

    21. It's amazing how everything goes around and comes back around. We are Doomed as a Species. Maybe the Homo Sapiens is just Bad.

    22. The "both sides" assumption is a false premise in itself, promoting the idea that there are only 2 ways to think, and only 2 teams you can be a part of

    23. Why do we put the pursuit of short-term profits over the long-term health of the planet and its people? The CBC disappoints me. Thanks for covering this story, David.

    24. The CBC has never recovered from Conservative Harper's appointments to the board of directors and the president. While the Liberals have done zilch to rectify the issues.
      Bottom line, the CBC is no longer trustworthy. They are purely a corporate mouth-piece now.
      The media that we citizens need to rely on now are the likes of you, David. While true journalism is in decline, thank you for reporting when it is achieved (since the MSM like CBC often ignore it), and for pointing out when it is not. A heavy burden my friend, yet you carry it well, bravo!!

    25. "Countries like American and Canada are built on diversity." 😂😂😂
      Sounds about white.

    26. I commented on CBC's facebook post and my comment blew up, it's weird the things that trigger people.

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