Shopify DropShipping Explained! How To Choose Your Shopify Store Name! – (Day 1/30) #Bizathon3

Step # 1: Start your own Shopify trip here:

In this video, Rito explains and shows you:

– Why you should start your own dropshipping business with Shopify
– The concept of Dropshipping
– The NUMBERS that matter for your Store Shopify
– Either to start a NICHE store or a GENERAL store
– PRO SUGGESTIONS on how to choose your store name shopify
– How to register a domain name
– Connect the domain name with Shopify
– Create an email address for support purposes

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# Bizathon3

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Video credits to Flying Start Online YouTube channel

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    Shopify DropShipping Explained! How To Choose Your Shopify Store Name! – (Day 1/30) #Bizathon3

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    1. Day 1 Completed 🙂 I got the domain, just before you said not to use Store in the domain lol Oh well, what can I say, It's a Store 😉

      I guess it pays to watch the entire video first and then follow along 🙂

      Overall good lesson great energy, and many good points.

      Choosing a niche/brand can be a bit difficult, yet the main thing is to get started. Some will say not to be too broad and others say find a Niche First.

      Personally most just want to get a store up and making Moola 🙂 So Go General store first, get the money and blood flowing. Then you can sit back, relax, and DREAM about your Passion and then create a Niche 🙂

      Cheers 🙂

    2. Excited to be joining this challenge. I have two options:

      1) Order Your Dream Life
      2) Treasure Monkey

      Which in your opinion is better for the shopify platform?

    3. Rito,I think this is a fantastic resource you are putting out. I have a suggestion. Why don't you keep track of all the expenses you are going to spend to make your $1000 profit? Beginning from the $9 spent on domain and so on. This will make this Bizathon a lot more open and baring to anyone watching. Thanks

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