Spark Cash Card – South Avenue Brewery | Capital One

Do you want to earn extra money for your business? The Capital One Spark Cash Card offers a 2% refund on all your business purchases. What could mean thousands of dollars in its final result.

What started as a passion to do something original has turned into a company.

That's why I switched to Capital One's Spark Cash Card.

Now I am earning an unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase I make. All.

What adds up to thousands of dollars each year and helps keep my passion growing in all directions.

What's in your wallet?

Learn more about the Capital One Spark Cash business credit card:

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    Spark Cash Card – South Avenue Brewery | Capital One

    Comments 48

    1. OK, she's good. She can be the new Capital One spokesperson, and we'll never have to see that creepy guy with the beard and the suit jacket ever again.

    2. When I watch MLB games, a commercial shown has this cute woman who brightens your day in a capital one commercial. She's Tiffany Dupont who reminds me of a young Alyssa Milano.

    3. such a lame commercial. Are there still beer nerd dorks out there? or have they moved onto another new thing

    4. Tiffany Dupont, AKA "Anna Bradbury" of South Aveue Brewery. And for a short while, I thought this was real. But whatever gets people to sign up for the card, I guess.

    5. You made the right choice putting this girl in the ad. Adorable. I look up at your ad every time it's on. 😉

    6. Insulting to all the ugly bearded guys slaving away in the craft beer industry. I like how they toast with a fuckin light lager. BTW she's not hot. come to San DIego and recalibrate your standards

    7. Yeah the commercial works, because she’s fucking hot ,That’s how it works Case Closed

    8. Dude, she's so hot. She has that Drinking Buddies look down. She's an actress but reminds me of the main character from that.

    9. That's Tiffany Dupont who looked a lot different in other Capital One ads. I didn't recognize her the first time I saw this.

    10. Tiffany DuPont is the beautiful young woman … I see I am not aLone in appreciating God's stunning ability …. too bad the good one's are always …. sooo good 🙂

    11. What brand of shirt is she wearing? Love that shirt. However, disappointed in the fact that the brewery and its founder are fabrications.

    12. have seen this a hundred times but just realizing what this was all about. i was so captivated with her being so beautiful n sexy

    13. Another stupid ad by Capital One. They can't seem to find real people for their ads, so they pick models and actors who can't get real work and are washed up! How pathetic!

    14. This is a fake company. It doesn't exist, apparently Capital one can not find a small business or a female owned company that they have helped. What a joke. STAY WOKE

    15. First of all there's no such thing as the South Avenue Brewery, second of all she's an actor

    16. Stupid commercial brought me here cuz I fell in love with that gorgeous actress. Name anyone?

    17. This girl is stunningly beautiful. I actually had a dream about her a few nights ago. It was … pleasant.

    18. Hah Hah, all actors but still a nice idea and brewery's rule.

      Side note: She's Tiffany Dupont whom I've seen in tons of TV shows, and probably a movie or two.
      But also search youtube for a music video/short called:
      MASTURBATE FOR LIFE with DJ Lubel, Tiffany Dupont, and Chris Carmack

      It's hilarious. :o)

    19. I'm excited to see a commercial like this. Please do a profile on real female business owners. I would love to see ads like that!

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