Starting a Business – Coconut tree Farming Business Ideas and Coconut Farm Maintenance

Starting a commercial coconut tree Agricultural maintenance and coconut farm. Commercial ideas Coco Cultivo. Coconut plantation is a profitable business. Coconut production with low yield and high profitability. Coconut palm (cocas nucifera limn.) It is the most beneficial palm in the international. Each part of the tree is beneficial for human existence for some reasons or others. Consequently, the coconut palm is affectionately known as kalpavriksha, which means the tree of heaven. The copra that is obtained by drying the coconut grain is the richest supply of vegetable oil that contains 65 to 70 in line with the penny oil. Know Detail Subscribe this Channel:

Orientation of the land: –
The length of the well depends on the type of floor and the water desk. In late rite soils, large wells of the size of 1.2 mx 1.2 mx 1.2 m can be dug with loose soil, cow manure powder and ash up to an intensity of 60 cm before sowing. In clay soils, wells of 1 mx 1 mx 1 m long are suggested, filled with pinnacle soil to the top of fifty cm. Even when the wells are filled, two layers of coconut shell can be arranged in the lowest part of the well with the concave surface upwards for moisture conservation. After arranging each layer, BHC 10% should be sprayed on the shell to prevent termite attack. In late-rite soils, common salt of 2 kg in line with the well can be applied, six months earlier, on the pit floor to soften the resistant pots.

In the extended plantation rectangular gadget with a spacing of 7.5 mx 7.5 m it is recommended for coconut. This could accommodate 177 fingers in step with hectare.

Sowing of cloth and planting: –
Vigorous one-year-old plants that have a minimum of six leaves and a 10 cm circumference on the neck should be selected for planting within the main area. It is also ideal to plant the seedlings during the month of May with the beginning of the pre-monsoon rain.

Renovation of the coconut garden: –
The normal maturation of the first 12 months of sowing is crucial to ensure a desirable vegetative growth, early flowering and bearing and high yield.

Irrigation: –
Coconut responds well to the watering of the summer season. Under irrigation by basin, two hundred liters consisting of palm as soon as in four days can be beneficial. In regions where water is scarce, the drip irrigation gadget can be followed.

Intercultural: –
Tillage operations such as digging, detaching, forming small mounds during August – September and extending them in December – January, making shallow basins with a radius of 2 m before the start of the monsoon and filling it near the monsoon are useful for trees.

Cultivation structures totally based on coconut: –
To maximize the use of soil and daylight in coconut grass, intercropping with a variety of crops can be adopted.

Every day that matures from the first year of planting is crucial to obtain greater productivity. For the coconut, 20 – 50 kg of organic manure should be implemented in the step with the palm according to 12 months with the appearance of the southwest monsoon, while the moisture content of the soil is high. Different forms of organic fertilizers such as compost, poultry manure, bone meal, fish meal, blood meal, need cake, peanut cake and so on. It will be used for this reason. In addition to this, the subsequent fertilizer schedule is recommended.

Harvest: –
The coconuts emerge as mature in about a year after the opening of the avalanche. It is far away the ripe coconut that is the source of the primary coconut merchandise. The nuts that are 11 months old add a fiber of the correct fine and can be harvested in the sections where inexperienced husks are required for the manufacture of coir fiber. The economic existence of the coconut palm can be considered 60 years.

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    Starting a Business – Coconut tree Farming Business Ideas and Coconut Farm Maintenance

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