Starting a eBay Business : Episode 1 : The Basics

Hello everyone, sorry for the inactivity lately. I'll be back with new videos and information coming soon!

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Video credits to Michael Pierce YouTube channel

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    Starting a eBay Business : Episode 1 : The Basics

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    1. Michael Pierce! you are one of the great guys that really got me seriously into eBay business. With your advice, I run a safe and a successful business right now (10 – 15 listings a day.) I love watching your videos to keep me on tracks and get better and better, so I can reach my goals and beyond. I appreciate you, and tanks for sharing your videos with us. Great work.

    2. Excellent Video with great explanations! I came across your video series while photographing and listing my daily items. Glad to see that there are some good content providers making informative and comprehensive "how to" vids…. Thank you.

    3. I just invested in 1500 gemstone statues and products like that without testing simply because thats what i want to sell. Im just taking a gamble. Doesnt take much space. Im smart, resilient and persistent so i trust its gonna work. But sure im not. And i dont care really.

    4. You have stopped selling dude why 1st question
      2nd question you have 97.8% feedback and 1 negative last year what happened

    5. I love that I'm view 67,222. Good angel number! I think you got a lot of viewers after all. <3

    6. Hi I'm Eric and I want to ask if eBay store support listing variation for phone case for example like color variation for a single case?

    7. you should say that people starting a eBay, they have got to have shipping money for the 30 days before the can get any return…if you sell 10 things ,you have to have the shipping up front…I'm new correct me if I'm wrong .…thank you

    8. I'm trying to start an Ebay business but all of the legal IRS stuff is kind of giving me cold feet. So, how much do I need to know about the legal stuff and what is the risk? BTW great videos 🙂

    9. I like you videos so helpful!How you do international shipping? What kind of shipping do I use for large items like flat TVs. I've been a member ever since November 14th 2011 I have 67 feedback in all 46 positive feedback trying to work myself up. Started out just buying on eBay then One day I had got a hold of some 1966 Green Hornet pinback buttons. A pinback buttons are pins you pin on your shirt, I didn't think it was going to work. So I called eBay and ask questions on how to sell them. So ebay explain every question I had. Had a little bit experience just from buying on there. Started sell in 15 last year. So i made my listing "sell it yourself''completed my listing for the 22 green hornets DC comics sold them each for $7.50 was my askin price. Researched on ebay and other site found out new in the pack the 1966 Green Hornet social society pinbacks is $50 to $75 the we're asking could have sold for that much. You can doubt it all you want until you tried if its not working that means is not valuable enough but you do have to be patient when the price is set higher. Wanted hear from you Michael Pierce like the way you give advice

    10. I like your video. I'm TRYING to learn….how to sell. I've been a buyer for last 3 years… I'd like to sell off some of my 20 years collections. I got some choice goodies….some that I'd rather not sell…but I realize I can't keep everything so time to
      do a few small sales. Hint : Bob Dylan memoribilia. Thanks.

    11. when should you start to worry about taxes ? I want to start up a small store have little financial revenue for start up

    12. Golden Nuggets

      1. Test before you invest.
      2. Pick up literature written by Chris Ennico.
      3. Stay Organized.

      Love absorbing your wealth of knowledge.

    13. Great video, do you use a program for your inventory labeling system, or is it just an custom excel file? Thanks

    14. Too much competition on ebay and the fees are astronomical. It's best left as a buyer's market.

    15. Been thinking of selling video games on eBay aswell. Since you did these videos a few years ago I figured I would ask. How is your business now? Has it got better or worse over the years?

    16. ser can you give me idea wher to buy wholesale price game console and acsessores….i hope you give me idea..thanks

    17. Michael! Your series is very helpful! Thank you for taking all this time to give us all this good info. 

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