Startup Business Plan – The three most important steps to start a new business


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"Thank you Evan !!! It's good to see that there are people who care about others !!! I have an idea and I want to know the steps I have to take to chase it!
Celeste "

Video credits to Evan Carmichael YouTube channel

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    Startup Business Plan – The three most important steps to start a new business

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    1. awesome video Evan I can't stop watching it It's going to help me so much on my start up (start small ) thanks

    2. I LOVED YOUR VIEW EVAN. CAN WE JUST TALK IN GMAIL?I dont ask for your mail id here, because people may spam you.There is no use for people here with my id, so here is my id for you- Please do mail me EVAN. I have few queries . Please please please do concern and respond.

    3. How can we get other skills while doing part-time business ?

      I'm doing job, i will start on my app as a part-time business but should i hire or get some help from others who has different skills like marketing/accounts ?

    4. Your words are always beautiful and very inspirational.

    5. If I want to start an indie film production company in Canada as Italian with no experience how should I do?
      I prefer to start it in Canada, because there are more people that try to do it rather than in Italy and in Italy to start a business is like a suicide if you don't have enough money. So I'd have to find some job to gain some experience and see how is to work in a film team and get networking. Then I'll be able to talk about my projects with other people and find someone to start the film production and some investor… Am I wrong?

    6. I have a plan and am passionate about it, but i m not able to figure it out should get a job first to get more experience regarding the field or should pull it off and try hard my luck.

    7. hi evan!
      i am currently doing a technical job. Now i want to start something my own, with the assistance of my partners.
      Kindly guide me about this. Either i should quit this technical job and start a job in sales and marketing? Or i should continue it while doing part time,

    8. I have a lot of questions that I'm hopingn to get answers for how can i contact you for advice? (:

    9. i m very into the idea of starting my own hardware startup but as im in 2nd year of my Engg degree…it is like a gamble…. after seeing your video i got an inspiration first to make an experience then start …it will have less chance of becoming failure

    10. I love what I do. i love cooking for a lot of people. I will push through all of the ups and downs. I am not going to give up easily.

    11. I need help with something. I hope that you cab help me with it too. I am trying to found out how I can come up with the funding to get everything I need and to open it up too.

    12. Beautiful!! (Just got reminded about why I followed Evan Carmichael in the first place)

    13. Hi Evan,

      That's great to listen to your videos these are quite interesting and full of knowledge.
      I am an accountant by profession and needs to start a business part time with my job.
      Can i have some good ides to work on while living in the third world country.

      Will be very happy and motivated on your positive response.

    14. Hey! Thanks for the video. I recently started a blog in the health and nutrition niche and have been finding ways to monetize it. My goal is to turn it into an online vitamin store one day but right now I have started as an affiliate marketer for a number of vitamin stores. I have spent a lot of time creating great content, almost all of it came out of my own personal experience trying to recover my health. So this is an area I'm extremely passionate about and I have put this site together to educate people about the importance of healthy living. Right now it's on a free WordPress platform because of budget constraint but I'm planning to get my own self-hosted site soon. Just from observation, could you suggest some things I can do to further improve it and get more people to come to the site? The name of the site is Natural Health To You @ Thanks for the feedback.

    15. I love to cook and I have been coking over 20 years. I have run my mom and my dads business. I have also started my ex business up and got it running and it is sstill going strong. I am scared though. What do i do?

    16. I want to ope my own buisness. I want to start a diner. The name that I have is Mom & Pop's 51 Diner. It is a Restaurant.

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