Startup Contracts Explained: 5 Risks You Take

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    Startup Contracts Explained: 5 Risks You Take

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    1. You’ve explained this all well but lets say things could get very complicated during dilution of shares etc, who is best to hire to advise on things when it comes to funding at each stage?

    2. I love your videos guys. I love fast and simple explainations, not the boring long monotone videos that others make. Appreciate.

    3. This guy….is the best in delivering content effectively and efficiently. Love your work better than more than half the bs others put out there

    4. When you talked about dilution… Social Networking scene was exactly going into my mind even before you started the scene!!! what a coincidence

    5. Ph. D in law doesn't exist, it's a J.D or a a doctor in Juridical Science. You probably already know this and I'm nitpicking here.

    6. Loved your videos… please make more videos like these startup contracts, fund raising and how to convince investors , investment negotiations etc…

    7. Super helpful vid and channel! Can anybody suggest me some good books on the technical management of startup? thanks

    8. Wow! This video blew my mind. It makes business so interesting. Dang! Please, keep up the great work, you're highly appreciated.

    9. see i will have to 90% of shares and have anti diliution and issue endless shares for selling to the public stock market

    10. I just discovered your channel thanks to the Youtube recommandations. Your work is amazing and it s just perfect because I am being interested in how a company works. thanks a lot mate. amazing job. hope you will continue for a long time.

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