Staten Island Hustle: Tony D ‘We’re Not Acting On The Show, We’re Italian…’ | CNBC Prime

With more than 30 years of experience on Wall Street, Tony D. is known as "Mr. Wall Street", but for him, nicknames do not matter. With his financial background, Tony focuses on whether the figures make sense, deals with legal work, patents, contracts, professional business plans, and often helps secure financing for many of the projects. He explains what the program means to him and what it is to work with the other kids.
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Staten Island Hustle: Tony D & # 39; We're not acting on the show, we're Italians … & # 39; | CNBC Prime

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    Staten Island Hustle: Tony D ‘We’re Not Acting On The Show, We’re Italian…’ | CNBC Prime

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    1. LOL,, Cancelled after 5 shows,, It was an AWFUL show.. I felt bad for those guys, The show made look like Idiots .. The Water machine was around way before the show and the boys had NOTHING to do with it.. A Patent takes 18 Months – 2 years .

    2. I know them personally and trust bye they are great guys…your friend ''CHRIS THE HOBBY GUY''

    3. 5 Clueless wanna-bes.. AND then BLOW the NYWater deal in the first show… They have NO CLUE how to put a deal together

    4. “We’re not acting we’re Italian!.

      You ARE acting and you’re NOT Italian. You’re five American disgraceful meatballs giving Staten Islanders a bad name.

    5. Same name as the homeless guy begging out front. Mr. Wall St. Time to toss the TV in the trash. lets see if we can get 1 million negative votes.

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