The 3 most important things that investors look for in a winning business plan

99% of business plans are rejected by investors. Here are the 3 things you need to do right if you want the investors to pay attention to you and avoid having your plan thrown in the trash can.

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1. Executive Summary

2) Management Team

3) Finance

"Yes, I would like to say THANK YOU !!! for sharing your idea .. I just want to ask also, how to make a business plan for my investor, the plan that is clear for them to show how the money grows, for example I have one Small business loan and my brother plan to invest, but of course I want to clearly show you the future of your money Your response is greatly appreciated "

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Video credits to Evan Carmichael YouTube channel

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    The 3 most important things that investors look for in a winning business plan

    Comments 24

    1. I subscribed this channel at your 1 mins because you were so confident on your words and you told me some best idea! thanks 😊

    2. very good vedio. I would love to know that what are few imp. pointers to keep in mind while writing an executive summary (over and above it passing the 'grandma test' ) .

    3. great stuff! thank you so much! just one question, you said "they don't want to go through 30/40/50 pages", I'm like halfway with my business plan and already on around 350 pages. The bank told me that how more information I share, the better it is. Do you think this is a little extreme? even though it's so much, it are all different subjects!

    4. I always enjoy watching your videos. I don't know why you don't have more views?

    5. Hi Evan, thank you so much for posting this even if it was 2 years ago. I have decided recently to start pursuing seed funding for my Tech Startup in Ohio. I am very glad I ran into your channel, looking forward to learning more! I am currently putting together a Executive Summary and a Proposal for a Government Funded Grant.

    6. Hi evan, I have a business idea. I am right now working on making my business plan.
      I have a question. What is an Executive Summary? What to include & what not to?

    7. Hi there Evan Great explanation making a lot of sense! question what about a business plan for CDC for small business kinda the same?

    8. hello from Mongolia. I am writing a business plan to the Investors. The video was great thank you so much for sharing your ideas. So I have a question about enhancing a business. How can I export my products in the world market? Is there have any support site to help entrepreneurs?or Investors. please give me answer?

    9. Hi Evan,

      This is really really helpful to me. I was about to send my business plan to several investors. I have been heard "No" for over 1,5 years now so optimized the idea. Reaching interested investors is my focus now.

      Could you make a video how to reach investors in your niche?

      Also would love to connect with you, so if you could send a comment on one of my videos..

      Thank you and keep it going!


    10. I can't find a way to make my lemonade stand sound appealing to investors in the executive summary…

    11. Hey Evan.
      You've specified experience while describing the second point, management team.
      What about those nerds who do not have any years of expertise under their belts, and are working on something big?
      How do they make the 'management team' part of the bplan look interesting?

    12. Hi Evan, first of all i would like to tell you that i am just 17. and i want to start a business. my questions to you are
      1. That i have just an idea of business model, so what things should i write in company description. As there is no such company which exixts.
      2. Is it necessary for me to have an active business idea means an idea towards which i have taken some steps already or just an idea is ok to show it to investors.

      please help me…..
      THANK YOU 🙂

    13. Hiii. Is there any way to protect my unpatented idea and convince investor to invest and construct products of the my new innovative product as well help me for to file the patent for that product. Thank you

    14. Hey, im from indian. And i have a great buisness plan of starting up my own chocolate factory, but the problem is im lacking of finance. Could you suggest me anything. One more thing Can i get a personal email of yours to contact It will be really helpfull to me. Please

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