The Alchemist Code | Episode 37 | Blood Wolf by Any Other Name [Zeke Event]

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[Dragon Blaze] Guild rules before joining (subject to change)

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1. Without racism
2.No harassment of other players
3. Not Have Multiple Accounts in the Guild – This is to help other players who want to enter the guild. Refusing to eliminate them will make you kick. Then join with a single account.

[Guild Loot Rules] (Subject to change, be sure to check the latest Dragon Blaze video for changes)
how we make the loot of the guild is that everyone only takes 3% or less of each area until Friday as soon as it gets to Friday "for the game", like when you get your daily logon rewards. It becomes free for everyone and everyone can finish the areas. In this way, all members can obtain and obtain rewards. If he refuses to obey this rule, he will be kicked without asking questions.

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    The Alchemist Code | Episode 37 | Blood Wolf by Any Other Name [Zeke Event]

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    1. I'm surprised you had so much trouble with episode 3. I auto battled it and got the achievements and you have better units than I do. The only unit I used I know you don't have is Sakura but she didn't do that much. She was just there for her leader skill

    2. Hey guys update on episode 3…You can status effect the soldiers in the back but killing Anastasia is the only problem since she can't be status effect like stop, daze, or bind…which kinda sucks. If you have a Caster Yomi she is great for taking out the left over soldiers after you finish off Anastasia. But you can kill her before she is really to try and kill…you just need to be able to get ready to stop archers. I wanna say sleep will work too but idk wait…still testing the episode. 🙂

    3. Im here tp find out beat stage 3 without heal. I just play this game this month. And dont hv strong unit yet. EX+ is hard.
      U dont need to hit the monster logi dias mission, since they never hit you if you step at the box once a move

    4. Man.. I don’t have proper units for this event. The captains blasted me with one shot. Lol

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