Here I talk about what I think is the best credit card for those who are starting or rebuilding their credit
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    1. I clicked on because I was curious what card you would recommend and you were SPOT ON!! This is the the best by far when establishing or reestablishing your credit. Plus the rewards are great too. I have one and they do increase after 5 timely payments. It is a great card.

    2. Good points! The Quicksilver One credit card is a good starter/rebuilding credit card. I have had the card for 4 months and applied for a credit increase online. I was approved for the credit increase, but I declined the change to my account. I had heard that the automatic increases offered by Capital One are much larger than when you request a CLI.

    3. Thank you so much. I just got this card and now you inspired me to do good and pay it in time so I can also get an increase. Thanks again.

    4. you actually have to have an excellent credit score to get a capital one quicksilver card unless u get a upgrade from having a existing card relationship with capital one so thats wrong….secondly the quicksilver one master card is easier to get than the quicksilver rewards visa card because its for less than excellent credit telling ppl that u can get quicksilver with 500 or low 600 will have ppl out here putting unnecessary hard inquires on there credit report

    5. I am checking to see about another credit card. I've had the same Credit card for about 10 years. My card is through my credit union. I started with a $300 max, it went up since they changes to a masrer card. My limit changed to $3000 2 years ago. I'm great with making payments so no issue there. I know I'll need another Credit card for new things coming in 2018. I'm looking for a cresit limit of at least 3-5 stating off, and of course it will be boosted from there. People say capital one and discover cards are the best. I currently don't have annual fees. What can you tell me about anual fees or discover cards? Anyone…

    6. We can help you boost your credit to attain a score good enough to get high credit card limits and be able to apply for more. Contact us at 732-884-2797 for more info.

    7. Capital One does a hard pull on all 3 of your credit bureaus. Just a lousy thing for them to do, also terrible customer service. I wouldn't suggest Capital One to anybody.

    8. I got this card 6 months ago, they gave me 300 dollars with credit score of 680. Looked at my credit available on card and they raised it to $750 after 6 months It's a great card and has helped me so much, just like you I payed on time still doing so. Soooooooo, here goes the good news just that card helped my credit score go from 680 to 721 in 6 months. So 2 days ago I applied for Discover it card and guess what, I got approved for 6,000 credit limit on discover. Sooooooo I'm so thankful for capital one that helped me so much and put me back on track. Loved your video

    9. Am I wrong for thinking she kinda has no idea what she's saying like for example she said using less of your available credit looks favorable to lenders and good for your credit score but then also she is paying either the bare minimum on some months and carrying over balances which she says they(banks) want you to keep an on going balance which is always a bad idea cause it will impact your credit score not in a major way but still.will.have an impact,If you have an ongoing balance every month then you either should cut back on your cost or you shouldn't have a credit card to begin with and also when the interest free months end you will still.have an ongoing balance and it will probably be bigger than when you first started so you will pay interest on that and if you have a balance on interest free months there is no way in hell you will pay the balance when there is added interest

    10. my brother got one of those $300 cards, but he maxed it out, lol I told him he should start paying on it again get it back up to date before it goes to collection. a $35 annually fee is not bad because most credit cards are about $75 yearly.

    11. The journey was my first card I ever had when I was my first year in college and i started with $500 limit and about 6 years later my credit score is around 790 and I have all the best rewards cards you can get. I paid zero interest in 6 years and earned thousands in rewards.

    12. hi I'm in the credit business I can delete check systems and collection accounts Erica give me a call I have a a quick turn around time.

    13. I have that card with a credit score of 778 and don't think it's worth it because the APR is high. Never miss a payment in nothing and have a $3000 credit line with this card? Bull shit card. Only keeping it open because it's my second oldest card with the lowest credit line.

    14. hey!
      i have a similar story! i already had a secured credit card for 300 and realized you cannot convert that card unless you want to pay to increase it, being afraid to apply for a cc through the credit union o went through thw same company capital one, and got approved for 1000.00
      I am shocked. i didnt get a letter in the mail just an email notification thar my card is on the way.
      I am starting this journey with a new set of eyes and only spending the minumum to get that utilization down. apparently they trusted me, so that makes me feel great with responsible use!

    15. Thank you and I am working on rebuilding my credit soon and I am a member of Capital One, but I have to fix some things, but, I'll be back on track soon, God willing. How can we meet in person over the telephone?

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