The best tutoring franchises? How to choose

Many people allow their feelings, especially in this sector, to guide them through the process of purchasing the franchise. Teaching children and doing good in the community provides a very powerful and positive vibe, but unfortunately people have succumbed to that and have made poor purchasing decisions and lost their money.

Here in Franchise City we receive many calls from people who are interested in buying a tutoring franchise and we want our opinion on what is the "best"

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer based on a number of factors. In this video, I will show you some of the things we see with our own clients to help them make an informed decision about the tutoring companies. And as we move forward, remember that our service is provided free of charge and feel free to call us to get information about your own franchise options.

The first thing we do for our clients is a control of availability of the territory. It does not make sense to continue investigating a franchise if the proposed territory has already been pronounced. It is quite sad that we receive calls from people who have been researching for weeks, looking online and offline for FDD expenses hour after hour and in 30 seconds I tell them that it is not available in their territory. Then, first, control the territory! We can do that for you here.

Once you have determined that the territory is available NOW, we can begin the investigation. I always suggest that people look for at least 3 or more tutoring franchises to finally find the best based on their specific situation. The first franchise you like, when you explore it more, may not be a good option. We suggest that you be as critical as possible and analyze as many options as you can to finally find the best option.

We have a cheat worksheet available for our clients that helps compare a lot of features in the best tutoring franchises. We have Kumon, Mathnasium, Best in Class, E.Nopi, Sylvan, Huntington and others. We have compiled data such as the ages in which they provide services, royalties, the size of the territory, the type of programs, the business time, the number of units and much more. It makes it very easy to get a snapshot of all the differentiation of the franchise on a single sheet.

So, why would a franchise be better in one situation and not in another? Well, because there are many variables for each location and possible owner. First, what is your context and your preferred role in the business? Do you like sales, business management or teaching? Does the franchise require a lot of networking and sales for students to come to the door, or do they have comprehensive marketing plans that attract children? If you like or hate sales, this will influence your decision on which franchise fits best.

Do you have experience in teaching and intend to teach yourself? Some models prefer that the owner operates in an executive capacity, devoting more time to commercial development and the creation of local networks and not to teaching. Other franchises are fine with the owner's teaching. Your preference will change which franchise is the most appropriate.

What ages of children are better for your dome? Also what price ranges are best for your demographics. This will also have an impact on the most suitable franchise for your area. High-end exclusive tutoring will not necessarily be as useful in a blue-collar or low-income neighborhood, while a lower-cost tutoring option might be a better option.

Also, what business model attracts you? Some franchises have literally hundreds of tutors for a franchisee, while others have only a handful. Are you an expert in hiring and coordinating teams? In addition, depending on your local economy, it can be difficult or easy to hire a large number of tutors with the required salaries.
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Video credits to Franchise City YouTube channel

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    The best tutoring franchises? How to choose

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