The biggest anime videogame of all time

The best animated video game of all time
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Based directly on an existing franchise like Dragon Ball, a series that began as a visual novel like Fate / Stay Night or simply a series based on anime influences like Devil May Cry, MojoPlays explores what makes an anime game really anime. and it brings you our selection for the best anime videogame ever made. We consider many different factors, and we decided to choose something that combines the influences of the anime to create something that is not only a great game, but that is distinguished while being routed in its anime origins.

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The game is the fastest growing, most innovative and most exciting form of entertainment in the world. A medium that is advancing in terms of cutting-edge technology, intercultural experiences and interactive stories requires a form of commentary and analysis that can adequately represent its growing influence and importance: that's where MojoPlays comes in. In this channel, we seek to create content that players are proud to call their own; videos that put players at the forefront when it comes to insightful and intelligent media analysis. Players become smarter every day, it's time to have a YouTube channel to accompany them.

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    The biggest anime videogame of all time

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    1. Best anime game is a game not based on anime. How? How???? I'm not trying to be closed minded here and I love Persona, but isn't the definition of an anime game a game based on an anime? Persona has been referred to as a JRPG game, but this is the first time I've seen anyone try to claim it's an anime game. Not that a game can't belong to multiple categories, but the J for Japan in that category covers most of the weird anime tropes thrown out there.

    2. until you say what your greatest anime game is i totally agree with you buuuut Persona 5 is not it, if than it may should be Tales of Berseria or Hack g.U or other games like this, at least from my point of view.

    3. man great video love shonen anime and i love persona..but i think that xeno series also have tha requirements to be best anime video game..especially xenogears and xenoblade 2

    4. I love how all Persona games primary 3 to 5are connected not just loosely but deeply if you examine it especially with the introduction of the metaverse

    5. For me it will always be dbz Budokai Tenkaichi 3

      Not that persona is bad in my opinion, not even close

      I'm a big fan of dbz and that game is the definition of how dbz games should be

      Anyways great vid bruh

    6. Play P3 FES and watch the animated movies, you will be shown how precious and valuable life is, also that life is worth all the struggles one endures.
      Play P4 or P4 Golden and watch the animation, you will be shown the beauty of true friendship and the importance of self acceptance as well as the acceptance of others.
      Play P5 and watch the animation(when it comes out), you will be shown that life is sometimes cruel and unfair but you still have the power to change and shape your own life.

    7. I LOVED Persona 5. Can't wait to play the rest of the series.

      Btw Mojoplays, so far I'm really liking your content. Keep it up! 👌

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