The Biggest Opportunity to Build a Passive Income Business – Amazon FBA 2018

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After searching passive income streams online, I decided to take it to a higher level with some higher reward methods, but with few risks and costs. And in this day and age there is no shortage of opportunities to create income streams with lower startup costs. Therefore, one of the most popular ways to create an e-commerce business is through Amazon and its compliance service, mainly because of its simplicity. What attracts me the most is its independent location and it can be operated from almost anywhere in the world if you have access to a computer with a decent Internet connection. So here is a complete Amazon FBA tutorial and a step-by-step guide to start selling on Amazon.

I have already talked about the true diversification of your investments to avoid losing control if the market is blocked and you have all your investments as paper assets. Paper assets are great for investing, but they should not be the only asset class to generate income for you, but they should be one of at least four. The other three if you follow the advice of Robert Kiyosaki are basic products, real estate and owning a business. And the good thing about being alive in this era is that it has never been more accessible to become an investor in all these asset classes, even if you do not have a lot of money.

At this time, the greatest opportunity to build a legitimate long-term passive income business is through FBA, Fulfillment by Amazon. The Amazon brand is on track to become the first trillion dollar brand in the world and they were responsible for a staggering 44% of all e-commerce sales last year. Just think about that for a second. Nearly half of the products purchased online last year in the US UU They were purchased at
What most people do not know is that Amazon does not sell its own products. In fact, they sell their products for you and only receive a small fee in exchange. Basically, this means that Amazon is inviting you to open a store in its shopping center (the most popular shopping center in the world) that receives more than 180 million buyers each month. So this is not a way to make money in the next 30 days, but an opportunity to build a long-term business that can generate income between 6 and 7 figures if you follow the right steps.

So, what Amazon has created is simply a convenience for anyone who wants to basically sell anything. If you are going to sell a product, you will not have to pack it, send it or even handle customer complaints and possible returns. All this will be managed by Amazon and its compliance service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And you can take advantage of this service from almost anywhere in the world, since it is an independent location. Which means that I can relax in Sweden and write to my supplier in China, or for that matter, have my VA write them and tell them to send my products to an Amazon store in the USA. UU Most providers will be able to provide private services. labeled and you can put your own brand there without any problem for you.

So, before choosing which product you want to start selling, you need to know your market. Or more specifically, you need to know how big the demand is and how much competition there is. And a common misconception here is that you need a unique product that no one else is selling to succeed. This could work once out of a hundred, but in reality it is more or less the opposite. You want to focus on selling something that has already been proven to sell well in a market that is not too saturated. You need some tools to do your Amazon FBA product research to be successful. I suggest using Jungle Scout and Unicorn Smasher.

Let's make 2018 the best financial year so far!

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    The Biggest Opportunity to Build a Passive Income Business – Amazon FBA 2018

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    1. Not far to go. Your video is currently ranking #3 for the keyword: 'business opportunities 2018'. You are almost there.

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    3. Great again. Just wondering when you order the bulk volume, how Amazon takes it from you or what's the process

    4. "Shopify Dropshipping" is also an AMAZING way to build passive income in 2018 – check out my free tutorials on my channel if you're interested in starting today!

    5. Primed How do I do this if I don't have a blog or website on which I can place affiliate links? I live an uneventful life, I have nothing to write about, just a little lost on this first, and apparently required prerequisite…

    6. Hey, i was watching freedom formulas transparent 10k challenge but it got private by them, any ideas of how i can get it because they charge 1000+ dolars to get the whole amazon bundle?

    7. "That's how you know you fucked up!" Hahahaha! That shit is awesome. I could listen to that all day. Secondarily, thanks for all the great info and motivation! Proud Subscriber.

    8. Great video, is your Amazon business still going well Primed? I was wondering if it is getting saturated or not. Thanks

    9. I have a dumb question? Do you have to store all of your stock of product? I can’t see the manufacturer drop shipping from China in a timely manner?

    10. Everything sounds nice and in shiny colours but what about operations and warehousing ? Who stocks the products, who does packing and shipping etc ?

    11. My main issue here is the slight moral concern of feeding more into the obscenely wealthy monster that is Amazon and personally profiteering off of sweat shop labor, but I suppose being successful means loosening your moral standards…

    12. Mr Primed….Love this ….but I'am in need of direction for a person that I can hire to help set me up with an FBA business….I lack the understanding but am willing to hire someone…Can anyone here suggest any ideas please?….I appreciate it!

    13. hehe, create a private label and create your own brand isn't that easy. faster than you can say roflcopter you might be sued for trademark infringement and that brings you to a lawyer charging 150$ per hour.

    14. Yooo, this video got me really interested in creating another source of revenue and I'm definitely going to look more into this. Awesome information and tips. Thanks and I'm glad I'm one of the first 30k viewers because that means I can possibly be ahead of the game. Thanks again!

    15. Glad to have visited this, subbed and knowing you before u make it truly big BIG time. Because dude, you are no shit on the fast lane getting there!

    16. This was great, I've been looking for "great passive income streams" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Qonmily Passive Formality – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

    17. Dude the only person getting rich is you and possibly the two guys at the end of the video…Don't fall for this BS good people!

    18. Do you order alibaba product to your place then send to customer? or you let seller in abibaba send direct to your customer?


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    20. Such a thorough and impressively made video. Even though I'm not planning to do this myself, I definitely enjoyed watching this one

    21. Sweet little piece of whiteboard movie, but HUGE and CRITICAL gaps! Like….what is the best payments system, and at least one detailed example of each of these. The biggest risk might be, for example, Paypal (Google complaints vs Paypal to find out how they could wreck your business, your reputation, your brand, and even drive you into bankruptcy!). Maybe you should consider a Merchant account (which one?) or direct to bank (can be more efficient, is more secure, but also a bit expensive). Bitcoin maybe?
      My point is….this video doesn't even touch on the most vital aspect of business…you've GOTTA know how you're going to get paid, and you have to understand the COST of getting paid, as indeed, all costs!! Beginners usually get this wrong and FAIL irrevocably!!
      Let's have a new video on this!

    22. Your video is on point full of valuable info and the video finish made me damn near fall out of my chair laughing. Got yourself a subscriber. Take care and keep it up.

    23. Do you have a video about investing in stock market or something? I don't see one or am not looking hard enough.

    24. Great Vid. I'm learning about this. Don't understand the middle section, like Alibaba stuff is usually sold in bulk of thousands. Do people order all that to their house and then ship it out piece by piece when they get an order on Amazon? Or how do you get someone else to do the shipping part for you. Thanks mate.

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