The true origin of the franchise – Sir Harold Evans

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One of the most successful business models is the franchise, but it did not originate with McDonald's. Sir Harold Evans, author of They Made America, describes the remarkable story of a beauty salon that allowed hundreds of women to own their own businesses.

Lesson by Sir Harold Evans. Animation by Sunni Brown

Video credits to TED-Ed YouTube channel

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    The true origin of the franchise – Sir Harold Evans

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    1. I won't eat a McDonald's hamburger (because I quit beef last year), but damn do I want some Chicken McNuggets now.

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    5. Your drawing is good.
      I believe franchise with strong brand can be popular because they succeed in differentiating their business and position their brand in the right market segment.

    6. It is D-BAT, not D-Back… D-BAT is a franchise for softball and baseball practice facilities. And why are you blaming her? The narrator clearly said D-BAT as well, and I doubt he's basing his script off of her drawings. But good effort.

    7. Nice she made it almost a full 40 seconds before failing. It's "D-Back" not "D-Bat". The Arizona franchise isn't named the Diamondbats. Good job. Good effort.

    8. So Martha's to blame for killing small business in A'Murica!!! Kill the witch!!! She took our jobs!!!

    9. I thought franchising started with religion (ie. when Protestants broke off from the RC church, and started multiple branches of christianity, and eventually the new flavor of the day namely evangelism).

    10. Nice to hear about Martha. Very inspiring story. But she couldn't have innovated the franchising concept if she was actually born in the 1850's and that's exactly when Isaac Singer was already franchising his upgraded sewing machine to the public.

    11. most of the video is about Martha and other franchises. the actual bit about the birth of franchises is really short and all the way at the end of the video @ 4:12

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