Tips for Choosing a Name for Your Startup or Small Business

Some business owners of things should consider how to decide what name of their new startup or small business.

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    Tips for Choosing a Name for Your Startup or Small Business

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    1. Unbelievably sexist – and quite ignorant actually – to suggest that white males get preferential treatment in employment processes. Your bigotry is so unprofessional and frankly disgusting.

    2. Hi, soo glad that I found your channel .. and I need a straight advice. My name is "Fahad" (Leopard in Arabic).. how do you feel about "Fahadography", for Photography business? it's available in all platform

      Thank you!

    3. Awesome tips, how I go about creating a name on amazon an online business and registering it and ensuring Im not using a copyrighted or trademarked name?

    4. Hi Cate, Thanks for explaining things in such a non techi jargon. It makes sense and I appreciate it a ton. Subscribe and Shared :). I would love to hear your thoughts on my domain name dilemma. I have recently started a Leadership and development program for kids age 5 to 13. My company provides this leadership program through the medium of fine arts. I named the company Trans-fo-minds (short for transform minds). Although I am in love with this name, I do feel that it is not easy to remember (debatable) would you recommend sticking with domain name or (G for globle). I feel that t4mg will be more easy to remember for parents. Please advice

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