“Types of Debt Financing for Startups” – Shashank Agrawal, Worth Corporate Solutions

Shashank Agrawal, Director, Worth highlights the essential elements that one needs to know when applying for a debt and the consequences it has on the business. This video will give young and budding entrepreneurs an idea of ​​the various dynamic facets of a startup's financing.

He declares the 5 things that must be taken into account when incurring a debt:

1. Lower interest rates

2. One needs to know the difference between taking a debt and equity

3. The debt is cheap

4. Required documents required when taking a debt: permanent account number, licenses, etc.

These are some of the essential points that must be taken into account when receiving financial support for the start of a business, as this plays a crucial role in the decision of the failure of the success of the company.

This video was presented by Wadhwani Foundation, National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) that works with the objective of allowing entrepreneurs to grow towards upward mobility in different verticals in the main job creation ecosystem through entrepreneurship courses and educating the individuals on the characteristics of entrepreneurship and how to run a business successfully. NEN, with its content of e-learning focused on the carefully curated student, videos, questionnaires, etc., helps to feed a sense of fun -learning among entrepreneurs from all walks of life. These videos are available anytime, anywhere

National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) is the oldest and largest initiative of the Wadhwani Foundation for job creation and entrepreneurship. NEN works mainly with students, budding entrepreneurs and anyone with the business idea. We focus on creating young entrepreneurs that would directly impact the number of jobs and help maintain economic growth. NEN helps budding entrepreneurs to realize their real potential and helps them embark on the journey where dreams come true.

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Video credits to Wadhwani Foundation YouTube channel

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    “Types of Debt Financing for Startups” – Shashank Agrawal, Worth Corporate Solutions

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