An intimate and unwavering portrait of Whitney Houston and her family investigating beyond the headlines of family tabloids sheds new light on Houston's fascinating life trajectory. Oscar®-winning filmmaker Kevin Macdonald reveals the mystery behind "The Voice," which thrilled millions even as he struggled to make peace with his troubled past.

Video credits to Whitney YouTube channel

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    1. ahhh hahahahahahahaha this movie/doc didnt even make it to theaters well maybe 5 all over the country! bobby deserves it all

    2. never mind i found it thanks for all of you and your help! god bless and crack it up whitney!!!!!

    3. can someone tell me how i can see this? no theaters are playing it and i cant find on amazon. please respond folks. i really want to see this! THANK YOU

    4. Truly musical genius. Despite the child molestationn by her aunt, bad influences by her brothers, drug addiction, horrible marriage, betrayal by her father, leaches using her as a atm machine, childhood bullying by the girls in school whether they were black or white, the music industry demands on her life, back stabbing individuals hanging on her coat tail capitalizing on her fame and fortune, the tabloids exploiting her weakness, tv talk shows interviewing her asking her questions about her personal life, and the list goes on. We cannot deny that she was the most talented singer in the world. I give her up most respect. If anyone dare to walk in her shoes then the would be less likely to throw stones. Thus documentary seems to be the most accurate of all the documentaries I've seen on her. Her brothers spoke truth regarding the bullies she faced in school. They were there so they are the only ones alive who can State with accuracy what happened to her. Bullies pick on the weak and people who cannot defend themselves that is what happened to her throughout her entire life. Everybody was taking a piece of her it is difficult to survive that kind of assault every day. Despite it all she will always be the greatest talent of all times. Respectfully,

    5. Wow Believe it or not my very first concert I ever went to was to see Whitney Houston at Radio City duringThe Bodyguard CD. I went with my employer and his family. It was the most amazing thing i've ever experienced. I still thank him to this day for affording me that opportunity. Seeing her in person left me speechless.

    6. I think she was among the greatiest singers and her father was a major part in her demise. Father's are suppose to be the major leaders and guides in our lives. Unfortunately, there's something extra special about the connection between a girl her dad/ father figure. It can make or break her.😢

    7. Gary is a disgusting disgrace piece of shit you introduced your sister to drugs but robyn is evil and wicked? the ONLY person respecting Whitney’s legacy and privacy, all those people with Houston attached to their name smh still you all failed her!

    8. I love Whitney. No matter what happened in her lifetime, she was a true treasure and will ALWAYS have my respect as an icon but most importantly as a human being. God bless you Whitney. I love you.

    9. Cissy wrong for talking shit about someone child okay if you don't think Janet can sing that's your business

    10. The brothers and dad are pathetic but yes in the 1980's all the stars did drugs!!! Cissy had her flaws but I don't believe she knew they were doing all that. Cissy and Robin the only two who cared about Whitney (miss Cissy why did you have a affair with a pastor that you and your family go to the same church are you crazy? But I know John ass was cheating too)

    11. I loved the film until he said they was picking on her because she was light-skinned? His sister Whitney Houston was not light skinned! she was skinny and caramel complected with European features (I know that black people don't always have big lips and nose but follow me okay) and I don't think they were picking on her for that I do think she's a pretty girl she was above average black girl now don't get offended because Nyomi Campbell is a above-average black woman!! I'm a beautiful black woman but I'm just average( you see many bw who look like me big nose lip's dark skin only exception is that I'm skinny aka built like a white girl) but my whole point is that he's being disingeuious about colorism by telling that f**** lie! his mother never said that🙄 he is dumb as f*** okay because he has African features his brother has African features in his mother has African features. I do feel like Whitney Houston look more like her father and her father was a light complected man with European features so I guess because she looks like her father the reason why she got bullied but at the end of the day colorism happens because of black people who put light skin on a pedestal and make darker skin tone people feel bad so it goes both ways!!! don't sit there and just push it off on dark skin people!!

    12. I love Whitney houston. She's one the greatest singer of our generation, her music her style will live forever. Whitney was on her own class, even today no one will be like Whitney Houston. There will be only one Whitney Houston. It's so sad what happened to her and her daughter but God knows the best.

    13. don't let Whitney sing. shell ruin it for everyone else. She was everything to me. even more once my mom passed. God blessed us all with Whitney's graceful presence and talent. she was blessed to have it all. God rest her soul. say hi to my mommy for me will ya my life has been so empty without her.

    14. This is so sad. Gary has the nerve to call Robin a "nobody" and Whitney had to take care of him and the entire family. It was his brother who introduced her to drugs. She might still be alive if Robin was in the picture. SMH.

    15. She was exceptionally gifted, but had forgotten her identity in Christ first…. She is greatly missed.

    16. Cissy Houston did her best.She realized the final choice was WH.I believe the meteoric rose to stardom the constant pressure to look and sound her best along with internal turmoil addiction and feeling responsible for others destroyed this beautiful extradordinaly talented woman.RIP.

    17. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Robyn Crawford..She NEVER betrayed Whitney.. In my mind, she truly loved her!!

    18. You see how the devil works? Whitney, regal, sophisticated highly talented diva was booed for being a sell out. But Bobby who was raunchy and loud was accepted. BTW Whitney was sophisticated, she was well spoken so she was considered a white washed sell out. Ridiculous. So, she paid attention to Bobby who the audience loudly cheered.
      How long was the public loudly cheering for Bobby? Not a long time. By the time 93 rolled around Bobby was a has been.
      Even Bobby's album Bobby was not nearly as successful as Don't Be Cruel. After that album Bobby was a has been. And his success was not as great as Whitney's success.
      Whitney Houston broke records and her stats/numbers for her albums was way higher than Bobby's sales. One time she got booed and Bobby received cheers.

    19. Gary hated Robyn but Robyn was the ONLY one who had Whitney's best interest at heart.
      Gary and Michael, her brothers gave her drugs. HOW DARE he take that tone about Robyn Crawford, the only one who really loved her and the only one who tried to protect her from her own family and the other vultures.

    20. She left her New Jersey home where it was full of light to live in the dark with Bobby who was drawing devils and evil eyes everywhere in their bedroom.
      It's clear Bobby was her handler and was in control of her until she came out of her mk ultra trance. She even abandoned her own daughter by the end of that marriage.

    21. I believe the 2001 Michael Jackson concert appearance was caused by more than drugs. I think the murder of Aaliyah scared her.

    22. Whitney did cocaine for years before Bobby, true. However, Bobby introduced Whitney to CRACK, BIG difference. The change happened after she started doing crack with Bobby.

    23. Why was this film not shown in any theaters? Seemed strange to me after all the hype. Haven't watched yet but will. In spite of her frailties, I will always love Ms. Whitney! She was a once in a lifetime phenomenon who will never be matched. RIP sweet lady.

    24. I Will Always Love You WEH!! You were my inspiration as a child and has given me courage as a woman. In heaven…

    25. Gary calls Robyn evil but he a long with Michael gave her cocaine at 15 and 16? That's fucking ridiculous.

    26. WAIT!
      HER FAMILY WAS AWFUL, PARTY PEOPLE.😰 Anybody who had influence on Whitney had to go?!😱
      IM NOT EVEN AT THE MIDDLE YET.😐 The Houston family, so far not so good.😐
      I had to step away for a minute.

    27. Whitney was and still is my girl I wanted to be like her with her music and how she was not afraid to see with everything she had love you whitney

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