Work hard, play hard: Richard Branson's business plan

Richard Branson is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Britain and the world. His nonconformist style has taken him to extremes, not only in business but also in pleasure, making him a global brand.


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    Work hard, play hard: Richard Branson's business plan

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    1. Richard Greedy Hypocritical Branson sucking BRITISH TAX PAYERS  out of their hard earned cash with his OVER PRICED GREEDY DISGUSTING TRAIN PRICES charging us hundreds of pounds to travel small journeys in the UK – WHILE sitting on his fat ass on his PRIVATE ELITE ISLAND – yeah branson '''change the world for the better'' yeah start by giving BRITISH PEOPLE THEIR TRAINS BACK SO WE CAN RUN A DECENT SERVICE WITH FAIR PRICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Richard, 'careful giving away money. Giving something valuable for free diminishes the value, 'hence the saying, 'Don't give pearls to swine'

    3. Branson, is either a nice guy in sheep's clothing or wolf in nice guy clothing, my vote is he is a both.
      His business plan is to perpetuate ,the everyday consumer paying, for the elitist life style.just like the other 95 % of the 1 per centers'.
      Real philanthropist support humanity without an angle or return on investment and that is called free gratis without agenda.

    4. To be honest with the title of this video. He plays hard against what is normally will be hard to do if you think as a powerfull man you are the only VIP in the world and don't care about other people and/or environment. He doesn't want to play that hard, because he is a real HUMAN but he have to deal with some ego people around that think that it is all about themselfs.

      That's what it made so difficult, stupid egoism people that don't think they need others because of their (short-time bulky) profits at any costs.

      That's why I like Richard Brandson, he is somebody like Ricardo Semler, want to do business but not do business because of profits alone at any costs. Wants to TRY something to improve a situation. He knows, like Semler, sharing the appriciation, luck, creativity 'madness', enjoy, will keep things alive, it is a long term solution for ALL (also when the chairman dies).

      It is a simple thing but made difficult by egoism, a sniff of power. As a real human, you don't want to be old and die in lonelyness because you was not able to share. When you want to share, you get the real profits out of it, humanity, joy and care in both directions.

    5. Branson is not nice. He is currently suing the NHS in Britain, so he can take over contracts handed out by our Tory government. We pay National Insurance for free healthcare here and this evil monster is trying to undo what Aneurin Bevan set up decades ago. The visionary set up free healthcare for all U.K. citizens, so that we don't have to go begging outside Wal Mart for money for brain surgery etc. I know, I've been over the pond and witnessed this. If anyone in the U.K. is reading this, then you must vote tactically on June the 8th, or else we will all lose our National Health Service. Vote the Tories out.

    6. he is right in what hes sayin rather than pay huge taxes to a government hoo may mismanaged it dodge taxes and give it to the people and causes you deem worthy

    7. now world is change. now we have internet and alot of new inventions. so how to think and start business of totally new idea business

    8. Hypocrite Airline Owner Richard Branson Marches With Climate Change Protesters
      Cristina Laila Apr 29th, 2017 6:34pm
      Billionaire and airline owner, Richard Branson participated in the ‘climate change’
      protest with his BFF Al Gore today because owning an airline is such a
      great way to show how serious you are about having a small carbon

      The New York Times reported on Al Gore and Richard Branson rubbing elbows with the commoners at this protest:
      The marchers in Washington included Hollywood celebrities
      and stars of the political left like former Vice President Al Gore and
      the business magnate Richard Branson. The front of their ranks, though,
      was reserved for ordinary people: the immigrants, indigenous people,
      laborers, coastal dwellers and children, who organizers say are most
      vulnerable to the effects of a changing climate.
      I wonder if Al Gore did his usual–drive to the tarmac in a limousine
      to hop on a private jet so he could lecture the world on reducing carbon
      footprints by not flying in airplanes or using washers and dryers.

      Hypocrite airline owner @RichardBranson embarrasses himself at the LA #PeoplesClimateMarch

    9. I met him today..took a selfie with him!!!! in Vancouver seems to be a very decent person and focused person..

    10. I'm so excited to hear that #richardbranson is promoting #BAM that's why I started @girlwithhustle to raise awareness on those with wealth giving back! Bam is Business as a Mission! I teach all over the world those who are impoverished how to create a life. Thank you Richard Brandon for all that you do

    11. This is a quote from today's tabloids which I agree with, but I would change modern English to global society instead> And if we had a smart society people like Branson would be less important! It is all because of the stupid copy cat society EVERYWHERE!!!!

      "It is degusting the modern English population. One must be very stupid to have bought something just because a daughter of some mediatized individual makes publicity. And what is more repulsive that these brainless consumers are allowed to influence MY life by voting in this clown show called ¿democracy¿."

    12. What a horrific start to the conversation? Philanthropy is by definition always been done by the wealthy as it takes lots of spare money to be philanthropic.

    13. I love Richard…he's such a great role model for those who want to be wealthy and make a big impact!

    14. My sister works hard to make ends meet. Always has.
      After the Cumbria Virgin train crash and the injuries she sustained from that 10 years ago, she struggles even more to make ends meet.
      The lawyers brow beat her into submission to accept a poltry amount of money.
      She always said it was just an accident but is now realising the after effects of that 'accident' on her.

    15. like Trump shitted on people to make it,and doesn't pay taxes, and would be a C**T to work for.And sucks up as the Sjw fstick in interviews which is all a big act.

    16. Great person with great ideas. Saving us time in or travel is a great idea. I look forward to it.

    17. mr Richard theoretically it is fantastic!
      to make it real you as a business person have a chance to do changes in the world, why don t you go and teach countries of living ? teach people, educate, show em a way in their own countries, it will be great!

    18. OK, but Ricardo Semler is the greates entrepreneur, See: Bombała, B. (2014). Phenomenology as the Epistemological and Methodological Basis of Management Sciences, International Journal of Contemporary Management, 1, 150-172.

    19. if you can not dog deeper in past present and future to see other factor which is resourseful it make you better

    20. I love Sir Richard Branson! (My girlfriend understands) He is such an inspiration to me as a helicopter pilot and entrepreneur!

    21. Just seen your bit on Brexit, you say the voters didn't know what they were voting for, you may be right, BUT they knew what they were voting AGAINST, unelected, unsackable failed politicians who are fast becoming dictators. Well done the whole of the UK, we voted these greedy beaurocrats OUT OUT OUT Invoke article 50 as soon as possible.

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