YOW! CTO Summit 2017 Jeremy Burton – Cross-Organisation, Cross-Culture, Successful Delivery

In 2017, the REA Group signed an agreement with the National Bank of Australia to partner in providing mortgage loans to the millions of Australians who spend time on realestate.com.au looking for property and lifestyle information.

From the first day it was recognized that the Australian commercial history is plagued with failed merger corpses between our most important institutions and organizations representing the new digital economy, and that this REA-NAB partnership would require something special from an engineering, cultural and cultural perspective. government .

It only took 8 months for the moment of truth to arrive: an enigma of engineering, wrapped in a cultural mystery, within an enigma of governance. The team that came together had to find a new way, a third way to solve the technical blockages that arose through complex system architectures and the integration of data necessary to meet the needs of our customers.

Six key lessons were drawn from the moment of truth of August 2017 for the two engineering organizations, which should inspire others who plan partnerships of this scale in the future.

Jeremy is the Engineering Manager for the new Financial Services business of the REA Group, builds a team from scratch and offers the first launch in 9 months, all while building an integration with a large bank.

Over the past 20 years, Jeremy has created software and led teams in a wide range of industries in times of change: telcos / ISP in the late 1990s, banking and financial services in the mid-2000s, one or two startups and now media digital .

All this has led to a lot of excellent lessons that inform your passion for building great equipment and software that offer experiences for users.

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    YOW! CTO Summit 2017 Jeremy Burton – Cross-Organisation, Cross-Culture, Successful Delivery

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